A Great Way to Get Rid of Gnats


Flying insects are some of the worst pests to have.  Gnats in particular are very annoying, and can sometimes be hard to get rid of.  I have had several customers ask me about getting rid of them, and I usually tell them something a friend of mine taught me.  This is a home remedy, but it’s a good trick.

What you do is take a container, a mason jar, Tupperware, anything that you feel comfortable capturing the critters in.  You then pour dish soap into the container, you do not need to fill it, about a quarter of the way should be perfect.  Now you need something to attract the gnats.  Apple cider vinegar seems to do a really great job at bringing them in, so pour some of that into the dish soap, and then cover the jar with plastic wrap.  Poke several holes in the wrap, and set it in the area that you are having gnat issues.  What happens is the gnats are attracted to the sweetness of the apple cider vinegar, so the climb into the container, and down into the liquid.  The dish soap’s thickness catches the gnats, and doesn’t let go.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of little bugs you find in the jar after a couple of days.  It also doesn’t bother to put live plants that attract gnats outside, and put any fruits or veggies that attract them in the fridge.