Enjoy a weed-free yard


If weeds have begun to take over your yard, we can help eliminate your problem with pre- and post-emergent treatments.

Pre-emergent treatment will eliminate new weeds before they germinate. This application is normally yellow or green in color, and will be applied to all the rock/gravel/granite in the front and backyard. It is non-staining, even though it will take up to a few weeks to dissipate. We offer a six month warranty.

Post-emergent treatment is applied to all existing weeds that are already above the surface, eliminating them. For best results, we recommend the application be watered either by hand or by rainfall within 30 days with at least a half-inch of water.

Our herbicides are pet-friendly once application has dried. Generally, with post-emergent, you will notice the weeds wilting within a week. Bug Off likes to do a (courtesy) two-week follow up to ensure all existing weeds are showing signs of burn.

Your yard will be weed-free for up to six months.