Additional Termite Information


Something that I have recently noticed, is that when I go along with Corey to do a termite inspection/quote/treatment, many of the home owners admit to just knocking termite tunnels down, thinking this will get rid of the problem.  This will NOT get rid of the problem.  Termites are sometimes a very difficult pest to get rid of.  This explains why there is typically some sort of warranty on termite treatment, which range anywhere from 1-5 years from treatment date.

Something to consider, you never want any wood on your home to have contact with the dirt.  You don’t want to keep emitters too close to your home, and you also don’t want trees touching the roof of your home (this is also helpful to prevent rodents.).  If you have any of the things listed happening at your home, you’re going to want to fix it quickly, as these can attract termites.

At Bug Off, we pride ourselves in offering affordable treatment.  We are able to work with clients to come up with a price that everyone can be happy with.  Depending on the severity of termites in one’s home, we sometimes even offer spot treatments!