Ants All Around

The dark spot on the branch, almost in the middle of the picture, these are bees grouping up.

Ants are really bad this time of year. Pretty much every home I spray with grass in the yard, has tons of ants around the lawn, or crawling around the edges of it. I’ve also had several calls for ant trails inside homes. The biggest reason they decide to make their way into a home is because they are attracted to a food source, dog food appears to be a favorite treat for them. If you are having an ant issue, I recommend putting your bag of dog food in a plastic container, and also keeping your dog food dish up when your pup isn’t eating. For those who do not have dogs, make sure there is no food spillage in the pantry, or kitchen because that will also attract the little buggers.

What we do to treat ants differs from case to case. If they are outside only, we will normally use a granule or an ant bait, which they carry back to their hill, and ultimately croak, or directly spray their anthills if we can find them. It’s sometimes difficult to find the source of the ants (hill) in gravel and grass, so with ant bait, we are able to put some in the general area, or near their trail, and they will pick it up and take it. Inside, we might dust the crevice in which the ants are getting in, or spray it, maybe seal it, it just depends on the situation.