Arizona Bark Scorpions Information and More


There was an article in an Arizona newspaper last week about a new species of scorpions being found in the mountains in Tucson.  There are at least 45-50 different species in Arizona alone.  Most scorpions you’ll find in the Valley are relatively harmless, being stung may cause pain, but it wouldn’t necessarily be something to panic over.  Unfortunately, one of the most common species that we have in Arizona is the “bark scorpion”, which happens to be very dangerous.

Depending on the person, being stung by a bark scorpion is not always an emergency.  Small children, people with health conditions, and the elderly are generally people at risk from a scorpion sting.  The Scorpion anti-venom is not cheap, which is something to keep in mind if you live somewhere where they are present.  There hasn’t been a death due to a scorpion in Arizona in 50 years, but it pays to be safe.

Don’t put yourself, or your family at risk.  Seek out pest control if you have an ongoing issue with scorpions.

Some facts about scorpions:

  • They glow under UV light.

  • Adults carry their young on their backs, and if food is sparse, a mother scorpion will eat her young.

  • Their exoskeleton is made from the same material as finger nails.

  • Related to spiders and ticks.