Attack of the Arizona Roaches


Some of the commercial accounts that we have acquired over the years are restaurants in Arizona.  A problem that we encounter is that many restaurant owners/managers have absolutely no idea that they have a roach problem or any other type of existing pest control issue.  A restaurant we sprayed today in Chandler, AZ is a good example of this.  The owner wanted us to come and do some “preventative pest control work”.  When we arrived, he told us that he didn’t have any specific issues, he just wanted his place sprayed for general pest control.

Corey started out by spraying “cracks and crevices”  and “voids” of the restaurant with his B&G sprayer (certain precautions have to be taken when spraying around food service areas.)  While spraying in the bar, a good amount of roaches started crawling out because Corey was disturbing them with the pesticides.  The owner had no idea he had roaches.  Corey put some roach bait in some cracks and hiding places where he saw the roaches.  The bait we use has somewhat of a “domino” effect, the roaches are attracted to it, they eat it, and then they take it back to their “friends” and the poison in the bait takes care of them.

If you are a restaurant owner, it doesn’t hurt to have your place of business sprayed and inspected for all types of pests.  The last thing you want in a food service establishment is a roach infestation.  We can help deal with any of your issues or concerns in a safe, professional manner. Please feel free to contact Bug Off Pest Control.