Be On the Lookout!

A cicada molting.

Recently in Gold Canyon some friends of mine were out doing yard work, and encountered a rattlesnake in their backyard.  It was a sidewinder, it was only about 1-1.5 ft long, and it blended in with the gravel almost perfectly.  The scary thing about the situation is that the snake gave off no warning rattle, and could have easily struck one of my friends.

They killed the snake because it was in their yard, and they were concerned about it continuing to come back and possibly striking one of their dogs.  It is imperative for people who live in the desert to be aware, and watch out for snakes.  This snake in particular was out and about  in the afternoon!  Many people are under the impression that snakes are only out in the early morning and evening, but this is proof that they can be around anytime.