Bed Bug Law

Frass dropping from a tongue and groove ceiling onto a bed.

I read an interesting article this evening.  It was about a lady who is living in an apartment in Phoenix with her mother, and the place is crawling with bed bugs.  She is arguing with the complex management that the bugs were in the apartment before she moved in, and the complex is saying she brought them in.  The management has already had a pest control company (of their choice) come and spray the unit a couple of times, with very little success in eradicating the bugs.  The renter of the apartment was also given the option to break her lease, move to another apartment, or have the company come out and spray again.  I wonder what she will decide to do.  If apartment management rents out a unit, while knowing that the place has bed bugs, all contracts/leases are null and void, but the only problem with that is, it’s up to the tenant to prove the bugs were there first!  I wasn’t aware of that law in Arizona, but it’s good to know.