Bed Bugs Are Everywhere In AZ


Branches of the Vancouver Public Library are having issues with bed bugs.  They had an infestation within the last couple of years, and apparently they are back again.  One of the main places they are being found are in the library books on the shelves.  Since the bed bugs are so flat and only about the size of an apple seed (full grown), they have the ability to hide in various places, including the spines of books. While this bed bug incident happened in Vancouver, this story brings to light that bed bugs can be found everywhere in Arizona, even your local library.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a very tedious, and time consuming task.  If you have bed bugs in your home chances are, they are not only hiding in your mattress, but also in other places around the infested room. It’s very common to bring bed bugs home after being somewhere that has an infestation.  Hotels, airports, and even libraries are becoming an issue with the bugs.  All they have to do is jump on a person, and use him/her as a taxi.  Once they are in your home, the probability of having an infestation is very likely.

When staying in a hotel and traveling, it is very important for you to inspect the mattress you will be sleeping in and the luggage you are carrying along with you.  Examining your luggage is very important when arriving back to your home too.  These bugs are small, but it shouldn’t be hard to see if you have any along with you.  A flashlight is a helpful tool, and you want to make sure that you check the whole piece of luggage.  They can hide along the zipper, and basically in any kind of crevice.  Second hand furniture and clothing is another thing that should be looked at before bringing into your home.

 As far as having bed bugs on your mattress, the best place to look is around any crevice.  A good indication that you have bed bugs is if you notice any kind of black dots or smears, this is bed bug fecal matter. The bed bug fecal matter is actually partially digest blood, so they might even appear slightly red. If a spot is more red, the color of blood, then black this just means that the bed bug was crushed just after it had feasted.

If you are randomly getting bit, and are unsure of the source, don’t freak out.  There is sometimes other explanations for this, mosquitoes, spiders, etc., however, if you suspect you may have bed bugs, you should seek out a professional pest control person to do a proper examination. Bug Off Pest Control can come out to your location and inspect the areas you suspect might be infected by the bed bugs. If bed bugs are found – we have many through treatments that will completely eliminate the infestation. You can give us a call at (480) 370-5075.