Chandler Gets Hit by the True Bug

The dark spot on the branch, almost in the middle of the picture, these are bees grouping up.

It’s starting to get hot in Arizona!  All sorts of bugs are coming out, roaches, spiders, scorpions, you name it and they are around.  These insects can be seen during the cold months, but they seem even more active when it gets warm.  One insect that I hadn’t really ever encountered (at least in the mass quantities that I saw last week) is the chinch bug, which is also in the “true bug” category.

I wanted to get pictures of what I was witnessing, but phone cameras are not always capable of getting the sharpest pictures of small bugs.  Anyways, one evening after getting off of work, and coming home to my apartment, I found close to a hundred tiny black, non-flying bugs on my patio, which is on the second floor.  I initially thought it had something to do with the crazy wind we got last week and the week before.  I also thought it had something to do with the many pine trees located just outside of my patio.

I sprayed my patio, and expected that to help with the bugs I found outside, and waited a couple days to see how it worked.  Within a couple of days, my whole apartment building exterior, along with the wall along the perimeter of the apartments was covered in these little bugs.  I had never seen anything like it!  There were probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions of them crawling everywhere.  They became quite the nuisance when they started finding a way into my apartment through a living room window.  They just stayed around the window sill, but a nuisance nonetheless.

I did some research, and the closest match I could find was the previously mentioned “chinch bug.”  From the information I gathered, they are somewhat seasonal, which would explain why I wouldn’t have noticed them before.  They are relatively harmless, however, they can do damage to grass.  They also only stick around for days, or a few weeks at most.  With the amount I saw, I thought they were never going to go away!

I had an appointment in Chandler yesterday.  A customer’s home had the same bugs crawling all over it.  I sprayed, and that will help expedite the process of getting rid of them.  Oh, and the chinch bugs at my apartment…haven’t seen them in days!  It’s like they vanished.  If you’re having an issue like this, give us a call!