Good Snake, Bad Snake

gopher snake.jpg

Out in Gold Canyon, I am always seeing animals run over.  On the freeway, I can understand, the speed limit is fast, and animals run out in front of vehicles.  Another place I notice run over animals, mainly rabbits, but also an occasional snake, is in neighborhoods, where the speed limit is very slow. Running over a snake is completely avoidable, so I’m starting to think people do it on purpose.   Today I saw a gopher snake that was run over, in a community where the speed limit is 25 mph.  A snake is not going to jump out in the road in front of you, they just don’t move like rabbits or coyotes.

Gopher snakes help with pest control believe it or not.  Really, all snakes do, but gopher snakes, king snakes, etc., are not poisonous.  Sure, they can bite, but snakes are just as scared of you, as you are of them, so they aren’t going to go out of their way to attack you.  Snakes eat rodents and insects, 2 main pests that we encounter in the desert.  Rattlesnakes are the same way, but if threatened, they can/will bite, and that is not a risk anyone should take.  So, as long as a rattlesnake is not in your yard, it’s best to let it be.  If you do see a rattlesnake in your yard, call a professional to get rid of it.  I’m not saying go out, catch a snake, and bring it into your home/backyard.  I’m simply saying, if you see a snake in the road, don’t run it over, it is doing a good thing.