Rid Your Home of Termites

This mattress is not the best example because the bed bug problem is very obvious, but it’s not always this evident.

In Arizona, pest control professionals are treating home for termites year round. Some people are under the impression that having their house sprayed monthly for general preventative pest control will prevent termites. This is a common misconception, and it should be known that pesticides are much different than termiticide, which is the chemical used to get rid of termites. If you are finding shelter tubes, or any kind of subterranean termite evidence around your home, you should contact a pest control technician immediately. Termites are a problem that almost everyone in Arizona faces at one time or another, and it’s not really something that be swept under the rug and ignored. If you go to sell your house, a termite inspection will be required, and if the evidence is there, it will be found and marked on the inspection. You will end up having to pay to have your home treated, so selling it won’t get you out of it either!