Rodents In Commercial Buildings

Frass dropping from a tongue and groove ceiling onto a bed.

Most commercial business buildings and offices are only occupied during the mornings and afternoons, maybe 7 in the morning till 5 or 6 in the evening. Those times may differ, but most “work places” have a large gap of time where there are no people in the building, and this makes it possible for critters to make these places into a home. Rodents can infest roofs, and drop ceilings, or even find a cozy spot in a storage closet, and you might never even know it!

A good indication of a rodent issue in your office/building would be finding droppings, chewed wires or chewed anything really, or maybe you hear scratching and scurrying about in the ceiling above you. These little pests, whether it be mice or rats, can easily find access into a building if there are any gaps or crevices that they figure out they can fit through. Normally the solution to a rodent problem is easy, mechanical barriers, snap traps, and baiting stations all come into handy! We do rodent sealing, and rodent control, so if you suspect that you have an issue, give us a call!