Scorpion Proofing

This is inside the air conditioning unit. You can see the cactus and assorted materials that were used to make the nest.

We got some pretty good rain last week, as mentioned in the previous blog, but there was something else
I wanted to talk about when it comes to rainy conditions. When it rains, the ground gets moist, sometimes puddles form (not always the case in the valley) and bugs are outdoors through it all, or so you think. As much as scorpions enjoy moisture, they do not like puddles of water, they don’t like to be soaked. So what happens when it pours down rain? Scorpions go to seek shelter wherever they can, whether it be under lumber, in or under a box in your garage, or even inside your home. They will find any little crack or crevice and make their way to “safety.” This is one of the many reasons a scorpion proofing on your home can help. Where the pesticides don’t work, a mechanical barrier will! That’s not to say the chemicals DON’T work, but in order to completely eradicate scorpions from a home, proofing and regular pest control service is the way to go. Call us for a quote today!