Scorpions in the Valley


Scorpions are one of the biggest pest problems we have in Arizona.  It’s the desert, and spotting one of these critters inside or outside your home is almost inevitable without any kind of preventative pest control.  There are many different methods to help in the eradication of scorpions in your home, it just depends on the area, and the house.  At Bug Off Pest Control, we are more than happy to help our customers with these nuisances.

The most common scorpion we have out here is the Bark Scorpion, which also happens to be one of the most venomous.  It depends on the person, but scorpion stings can be very serious, especially if you are a small child, or elderly.  Contacting poison control is always your best bet, if you do in fact get stung.

Getting rid of a favorable habitat for a scorpion is one of the key elements in ridding your home of any kind of scorpion activity.  Having your home sprayed monthly by a pest control specialist helps to get any unwanted insects out of your yard, and house.  Scorpions have to eat, and one of their favorite meals is a nice juicy cricket.  Chances are, if you have a cricket issue in your home, without any kind of pest control, you will end having a scorpion issue too.  You never want to have a lot of shrubbery near your home, or piles of leaves.  Things like chopped wood are also a great place for them to hide.  You’ll never find a scorpion hanging out in a puddle of water, but you will sometimes find them around pools, fountains, etc.

Another great method for scorpion prevention is “sealing” your house, which is basically sealing any crevice or place in which a critter could get in.  This is a service Bug Off provides, and it is well worth it.