Seal Them Out


One of the most efficient pest control methods are “mechanical barriers.”  A mechanical barrier is something used to keep rodents and pests out, it could be mesh, caulking, among many other things.  Closing off pest entry points like roof vents is a very effective way to prevent any unwanted critters in your home.

The “sealing” of a house is something that we at Bug Off can provide.  When we seal a house, we do several things.  On a lot of homes, the biggest entrance for pests is along the stem wall/foundation.  What we do is we use caulking to seal any holes along the base of the foundation.  For roof access points we use mesh on vents to keep rodents out.  We also seal off bathroom fan vents, outlets, and any other areas that could be subject to pest entry.

Now, not all homes need sealing, but if you have consistent problems with rodents, scorpions, or any other insects, it wouldn’t hurt to get a quote!