Snakes in Gold Canyon

The dark spot on the branch, almost in the middle of the picture, these are bees grouping up.

It’s been a pretty interesting start to the summer already. I’ve already seen countless snakes, and it’s only June! Fortunately, I haven’t run into any rattlesnakes, just red racers and gopher and king snakes. They have the ability to bite, but mostly just want to get away from people. Corey and I were doing a termite job in Gold Canyon, and we ran into a gopher snake, and while Corey was trying to relocate that one, we ran into another snake! It was pretty interesting. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the king snake because it slithered into a hole in the ground. It’s important to be cautious this time of the year, especially early morning/evening when it starts to cool down. This Is when the snakes tend to come out. If you do see a snake on your evening or morning walk, it’s best to just avoid it. If it’s in your yard, it’s recommended to call the fire department to have the, relocate the snake for you.