Termites in Gold Canyon


Last week, while out in Gold Canyon, we visited a house that had termites coming in through their laundry room. Their laundry room was centrally located inside the house, with a bathroom on the other side of the wall where the termites were spotted. Corey, our termite expert, inspected the area and with the owner, decided that the easiest way to access the entry point of the termites, was to cut into the drywall. The termites were gaining access from a water pipe. With help from the owner of the home, the baseboard of the wall was cut out, and Corey was able to treat the infested area.

Termites are a very tricky pest. Sometimes certain measures have to be taken to get rid of them. A lot of times termites can be eradicated with the trench and drench and drilling methods discussed in the previous termite post. If you suspect that you have termites, call us, we give free quotes!