Winter Pest Control in Arizona


The winter is a slow time for pest control.  All of the bugs seem to hibernate, so most people believe they don’t need their house to be sprayed.  It’s true, bugs don’t seem to be around, but some pests are active during the cold months, including scorpions!  While they are not AS active as they are during the summer days, scorpions are still very much around.

Bees are another insect that can still be seen flying around.  Just last week we had to go take care of a colony of bees on the roof of an apartment complex building in Phoenix.  Not only were the bees active, they were just as aggressive as ever.  The cold is not necessarily going to stop insects from coming around.

If you are having any pest issues during these cold times, give us a call.  We can come take care of your scorpions, bees, whatever it may be!  Give us a call 480-370-5075!